XRP/RIPPLE – Décentralisation de XRP LEDGER par David Schwartz, CTO RIPPLE ( PARTIE 2 )

Normal crypto is a digital resource built to be employed as a medium of exchange. New coins are added via mining. Anyone is able to do this if they have a computer.

Mining uses a great deal of hours and electrical power, though. A powerful computer is also needed, to do this profitably. However, Ripple is a centralised coin, which can't be mined. A limited number of coins were created by the organisation and this limit will never be added to. 

Ready to invest in Ripple? The process is quite simple but you need to take care, whenever making an online transaction of any sort.

Currently, more than half of all purchases are made over the net. Online shopping is convenient and easy, hence more and more individuals are turning to this option rather than battling the crowds in the shops. The web also enables them to do more valuable analysis and pick-up the best deals. However, there remains a murky aspect of e-commerce. Here are the vital protocols, you need to follow.

Always shop from home. Thieves can easily access your data when you take advantage of public wifi connections, which means it's less dangerous to order from home than in retail premises. Avoid making purchases when you are waiting at airports, hostels or any other public connected public areas.

Beware of Twitter/FaceBook deals. Do not trust these sorts of offers as the majority of links are shortened. This means buyers cannot be confident that the link brings you to a proper website.

Buy with your credit card. Never use a debit card. More than 50% of debit cards require that fraudulent purchases are reported within a couple of days to qualify for limit liability. Don't wire cash to companies. You won't be able to get your money returned when you do this. Make sure you look at credit card statements. Put online receipts in a separate email folder, so you can crosscheck amounts.

Don't give out any more info than necessary. There's no need to provide your driving license number. Don't reveal your social security information either. If the company ask for this information, it should concern you. Choose complicated passwords that only you can remember. If your computer offers to save passwords, always select 'No'. Should somebody gain access to your device they could potentially find your credit card info.

Watch you don't fall for gift card cons. When you are sent an email and it says you are going to get a gift card but then asks for your credit card information, delete it. Genuine retailers will never ask such sensitive info. Please remember this, because it's vital that buyers act wisely when shopping online. Buy from home and make sure that the vendor is trustworthy.

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